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Young Filmmakers

At Bonnie and Braw we are passionate about investing in the next generation of filmmakers. Our CEO, John, had a challenging journey into filmmaking and found it hard to get a foot in the door. He couldn’t afford film school and didn’t have a network of professionals to rely on. That’s why Bonnie and Braw donates 10% of all profits made into filmmaking initiatives ranging from our podcast, Women in Film, to our online web series Hidden Voices, promoting the stories of people from diverse backgrounds who have found a successful career in the arts. 


Bonnie and Braw is committed to giving volume to unheard voices, and that includes yours! Please check out the resources below and get in touch with us at We can organise a time for you to meet with John or a relevant member of staff to get careers advice and guidance.

Making it: Women in Film Podcast

Making It: Women in Film features interviews and conversations with women working across the film and TV industry; from directors, writers, producers, critics, activists, costume designers, production assistants and more. The next season will be debuting end of 2023.

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Hidden Voices Workshops

Hidden Voices is a short program consisting of five free online educational workshops aimed at emerging talents from minority backgrounds in Scotland. Each workshop covers a different topic, from screenwriting to directing, and is hosted by members of minority ethnic groups who have found success within the Scottish film industry.

Bonnie and Braw Blog

Follow our blog where Bonnie and Braw CEO and founder John McEwan-Whyte shares insights, ideas and advice for aspiring filmmakers.

From finding the right people to make films with, to improving your technical skills...these lots of inspiration for anyone who wants to make great films.

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