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As well as a filmmaker our founder and CEO is an award winning writer. Though our bread and butter is documentaries, we've begun making headway in the scripted world, with a couple of examples below. 

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Photon Starblaster and the Suicidal spaceship

C-Arts Spark fund award winner

Selected  for GFF's "My SMASH Media Live Pitching" event


"courageous, charming, relevant and intelligent"

Starbust Magazine ****

“bags of imagination, skill and drive”

All Edinburgh Theatre ****

"shines like the sun"

Three weeks ****

Photon Starblaster, a renegade-galactic-agent-super-awesome-badass-smuggler, has just triggered Earth's implosion. We follow his desperate quest to reach a distant wormhole to escape the villains pursuing him. However, his mission takes an unexpected turn when his spaceship malfunctions, initiating a self-destruction sequence.

"Photon Starblaster and the Suicidal Spaceship" pays homage to vintage sci-fi TV shows and films, blending comedy, action, and melancholy to authentically depict the impact of suicide, the resulting blame, and its intergenerational effects.


Animated series 
(in development)

Frederick the mouse:
Davinci's Desk

Selected for Move Summits Big MOVE Pitch

Frederick is an autistic and ADHD mouse that lives in the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum along with his best friend, Jeremy the elephant. Using his quick wit, mischievous nature and cheeky grin, Frederick finds new adventures everywhere, all under the watchful eye of the museum janitor, Henry.

In Davinci's Desk, Frederick investigates the appearance of a new exhibit to the museum; the very desk that Leonardo Davinci used to create his artistic masterpieces.

One priceless broken drawer later and Frederick finds himself transported to 15th century Florence, where he falls under the care of the great thinker himself.

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