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Bonnie and Braw currently have a number of exciting projects in development with creative industry partners - please see below for some examples. For more information, or to discuss how you can get involved, contact us on

Current Projects

The Halls of Always Summer

(Documentary special - in development)

650 spaces, 4000 performances, 750,000 visitors, 400 employees and 1 eccentric owner - Summerhall is the beating heart of Edinburgh's cultural scene.


The Halls of Always Summer is a feature-length documentary which tells the story of the building and the inspiring staff who keep it's accessible, collaborative and nurturing environment going in a time of cuts across the arts sector. With archive footage, unrestricted access to the building and in-depth interviews with staff past and present, we shed light on the vitality of Summerhall and it's important place in Scotland's cultural landscape.

The Robot Revolution Test

(Documentary series - in development)

A thrilling new documentary series that explores the landscape of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.


Using captivating experiments and an enthusiastic host, we demonstrate technologies which are difficult for the human mind to understand and provide an important insight into a field of science that will change our lives forever. The Robot Revolution Test is essential viewing for people excited about our near well as those scared by it!

Scotland's Deadly Depths

Celtic Crossroads 

A cross-media musical event exploring the connections between Scotland's rich music heritage and modern American country, bluegrass and folk music.


From the windswept shores of Scotland to the neon streets of Nashville, the music that defines our diverse cultures is a result of an epic journey. Celtic Crossroads takes audiences on the same journey, bridging the gap between the distinctive sounds, and celebrating the individuals who represent them.

(Documentary series - in development)

(Documentary special - in development)

From rebellious Hebridean dolphins to the Orcas of Orkney, Hamza introduces Scotland's fiercest marine wildlife and the people trying to keep it alive.

In this one-off documentary Hamza Yassin subverts the cliché of Scotland's serene lochs and seaside, showing us the dangerous habits and dramatic relationships of these wild aquatic creatures. Featuring new and archive material, Scotland's Deadly Depths highlights the importance of conserving marine wildlife for the future of the country.

Sea Change

Depleted fish stock. Declining communities. Costal destruction. Our country's marine life is dying...

But Scotland is full of citizen scientists working to protect our valuable seas. In this special one-off documentary, we meet these inspiring people and learn the importance of their actions as we take a dive beneath the tempestuous surface, encountering the wild characters that call it their home.

(Documentary special - in development)

Will My Fridge Replace Me?

(Children's documentary series - in development)

Is my family going to move to Mars? Can I move stuff with my brain? These are the 'silly' questions children might hear in the playground, which are going unanswered in the classroom.


An exciting experiment-based children's show uncovering the future of cutting-edge physical sciences. We highlight the importance of these questions using exciting experiments, awesome animation and unbelievable real-life examples.....and aim to inspire interest in the constantly advancing worlds of astronomy, physics, chemistry and the life sciences.

Flying into Crisis

(Documentary series - in development)

From Scottish Mountain Rescue teams to Police Scotland Air Support, it's only helicopters that are able to patrol the tempestuous skies of North East Scotland.

In Flying into Crisis we meet the extraordinary mountaineers, paramedics, engineers and volunteers who drop everything and risk their own lives to save hundreds of others in remote mountain landscapes and around the coasts of Scotland.

Rum and Raisin

(Scripted short - pre-production)

As Leyla packs her bag, preparing to leave, Sam tries to reason with her. They've been through so much, he can't bear to be without her. But they've tried everything, it's too dangerous...and their time is running out. 

Rum and Raisin is Bonnie and Braw's first scripted project with artistic team Karla Marie Sweet (Writer), Rory D. Bentley (Director) and Angelina Nagenthiran  (Producer) - a poignant insight into two lives affected by an unjust immigration system.

After his father's death at the hands of a fire-breathing sea serpent, 13 year old Coran embarks on a quest of vengeance in ancient Scotland enlisting the help of fairie royalty and an untameable kelpie.

Heroes of Tiree is a feature-length animated film exploring grief and loss, and how love is essential when facing insurmountable evil. Working in collaboration with award- winning animation studio Interference Pattern, and with an original soundtrack, Bonnie and Braw bring this inspiring story alive.

Heroes of Tiree

(Animated feature - in development)

Untitled (1280 × 720px)_edited.jpg

Home Slice Heroes

(Micro-documentary series)

A series of micro documentaries exploring the community created by Edinburgh’s raddest pizza chain, Civerino’s slice.

Watch the first episode 'Slice or Die Heroes' here.

Second episode coming late 2023...

Making It: Women in Film

(Podcast series)

Making It: Women in Film features interviews and conversations with women working across the film and TV industry; from directors, writers, producers, critics, activists, costume designers, production assistants and more.

Listen to season 1 and 2 here.


Season 3 coming December 2023...

Hidden Voices_edited.jpg

Hidden Voices

(Podcast series)

Featuring educational interviews with successful minority ethnic professionals in the Scottish film industry who offer invaluable insights and inspiration.


Presented by Maureen Nwabueze, Head of Outreach at Bonnie and Braw,  Hidden Voices aims to create a more inclusive and representative creative industry, empowering emerging artists to challenge the prevailing narratives in the arts.

Season 1 coming October 2023...

W.H.A.T The Musical

(Podcast series - in development)

Profound realisations, embarrassing tragedies, absurd calamities, the “WHAT” moments in our life define us... and someone's got to write songs about them.

In this rib-tickling podcast a trio of comedians invite a celebrity guest to share their unique “WHAT” moments which inspire a brand-new musical ballad. Combining tunes, jokes, and reflection, this is an interview podcast unlike anything you've heard before that will be sure to make you awkwardly stifle a laugh on the bus home from work.

Don't Mention the Referendum

(Podcast series - in development)

The political podcast that carries out the dinner table arguments for you.

Two voices on opposite sides of the political spectrum discuss the ayes and the naws for Scottish Independence. With a different topic each week, from schools of pupils to schools of fish, our two presenters laugh and cry as they harness the advice of expert guests as well as the opinionated public to find the answers to the Independence questions we're too embarrassed to ask.

The List

(Podcast series - in development)

Bob Harris and Rosanne Cash engage with special guests from across the musical spectrum to explore the stories and personal connections behind each track on ‘The List’, created by her father, Johnny Cash, that represents the 100 essential American Country songs.

Musicians, producers, critics, and other experts share their unique perspectives and emotional connections to each song being discussed, harnessing archive material and fascinating insights from the musical world. From classic country standards to lesser-known gems, the podcast celebrates the rich history and enduring power of country music.

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