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Top Five Podcasts for Filmmakers

If you want to work in film and TV, you need to know about everything that’s going on within the industry. The easiest way to learn is to watch but watching requires time, and in an industry as competitive as this, time is the one thing you don’t have. You do, however, still have to commute or, once in a while, exercise, and during this time your ears are doing nothing. Below are a few podcasts I’d highly recommend that will finally get those lazy ears to work.

  1. Pilot TV+ Pilot was a brief, but very good, spin-off magazine to Empire. Sadly it went the way of frozen yoghurt, but their podcast survived. With a solid crew of three fantastic entertainment journalists the podcast provides you with an update on all the most recent TV news, and also gives you insightful and well thought out reviews of the latest TV shows that are gracing our screens. Remember, if you want to work in TV you need to know about TV, and this is a great place to start.

  2. Script Notes Imagine the writer of Big Fish (an often overlooked gem I believe to be Burton’s best work) and the Last of Us (a TV show about murderous mushrooms that will make you cry) sat in a room and told you how to write good scripts. This podcast is that. Ideal listening for any aspiring screenwriter as not only does it keep you entertained, often with amazing guests, but also serves as a genuine education.

  3. Empire The big daddy of movie magazines and an absolute must listen if you want to know everything about the blockbuster movie industry (however they do often speak about indies as well). This is one of my personal favourites, and aside from reviews and film news, it's the interviews that can change your life… seriously. A number of my projects have been altered as a consequence of hearing a piece of advice a director has provided in an interview. Put that down to the relaxed and affable head honcho, Chris Hewitt, who is a master as getting creatives to open up and talk about their art.

  4. Royal Court Playwrights This was my go to podcast whilst finishing my masters in Playwriting and it provided me with 90% of my inspiration and energy whilst doing so. It used to be hosted by Simon Stephens, one of our country's best playwrights, but the latest season has been taken over by Omar Elerian, and the quality has not dropped. I do recognise that this is for theatre and not film, but there has been a noticeable trend within the film and TV industry of hiring theatre writers.. I am a big believer in this, as if you can keep a room full of people occupied for an hour with nothing more than a stage, some actors, and a few fancy lights, imagine what you can do when you get to throw CGI dinosaur cyborgs into the mix? Everyone that speaks on the podcast is a master at their craft and they are giving away how they do it for free, never say no to that.

  5. Making It: Women in Film Obviously no podcast for filmmakers list would be complete without a shout out for our very own podcast, Making it: Women in Film. A fantastic little slice of film discussion heaven, hosted by a brilliant writer, Malin Evita. This is a podcast where successful female members of the film and TV industry speak openly about the challenges they’ve had to get to their position, whilst providing advice on how others can do the same.

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