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Our Story

John McEwan-Whyte is an award-winning filmmaker and playwright. 


After graduating with a degree in Physics from Glasgow University, John moved to London, where he started his film career as an unpaid intern at Redeeming Features. Eventually, he became the Head Of Scottish Production, overseeing the formation of a new Scottish production arm and earning an executive producer credit on the feature-length Dwayne Johnson-starring documentary "Ten Count."


While carrying out his day job, John earned a master's in playwriting, which gave him the confidence to depart from Redeeming Features and set up his own production company, Bonnie and Braw, in March 2022.

The Team

John McEwan-Whyte
Sophie Kennedy-Clarke
Angelina Nagenthiran
Maureen Nwabueze
Head of Outreach /
Junior Producer
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-09 at 3.26_edited.jpg
Meredith Whyte
Canine consultant

Partners and Supporters

Bonnie and Braw are proud to be supported by:

We are members of:

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