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W.H.A.T The Musical

Profound realisations, embarrassing tragedies, absurd calamities, the “WHAT” moments in our life define us... and someone's got to write songs about them.

In this rib-tickling podcast a trio of comedians invite a celebrity guest to share their unique “WHAT” moments which inspire a brand-new musical ballad. Combining tunes, jokes, and reflection, this is an interview podcast unlike anything you've heard before that will be sure to make you awkwardly stifle a laugh on the bus home from work.

The List

Bob Harris and Rosanne Cash engage with special guests from across the musical spectrum to explore the stories and personal connections behind each track on ‘The List’, created by her father, Johnny Cash, that represents the 100 essential American Country songs.

Musicians, producers, critics, and other experts share their unique perspectives and emotional connections to each song being discussed, harnessing archive material and fascinating insights from the musical world. From classic country standards to lesser-known gems, the podcast celebrates the rich history and enduring power of country music.

Making it: Woman in Film

Making It: Women in Film features interviews and conversations with women working across the film and TV industry; from directors, writers, producers, critics, activists, costume designers, production assistants and more.


The next season will be debuting end of 2023.

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