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Hidden Voices is a short program consisting of five free online educational workshops aimed at emerging talents from minority backgrounds in Scotland. Each workshop covers a different topic, from screenwriting to directing, is hosted by members of minority ethnic groups who have found success within the Scottish film industry.


Our Workshops

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Inspiring the next generation of diverse filmmakers by giving volume to the voices that go unheard.


“Authentic Expression in the Arts”

Courtney Ama Stoddart

Courtney Stoddart, acclaimed Scottish-Caribbean poet and performer, discusses how to be true to yourself when choosing and creating your artistic projects.


“Knowing Yourself by Knowing Structure”

Lorna King

 Lorna King, Ghanaian-Scottish screenwriter, helps to find your voice through an exploration of neurodivergency’s effect on writing, and how to deal with people that try to alter your story in a negative way.



Tomiwa Folorunso

 Tomiwa Folorunso, writer, presenter and creative, teaches you how to stay within the arts, and make your career more sustainable, by adapting your speciality or craft and keeping in mind what skills are most important and transferable.


“Founding Your Place”

Briana Pegado

Briana Pegado FRSA, previous Creative Director of Fringe of Colour Films, gives a look into how to set up and run your own creative practice, with advice on how to build and manage a team, and how to go about applying for and raising funds.  ​


“Creating heat without degrees”

Stewart Kyasimire

Stewart Kyasimire, BAFTA-nominated director, discusses how you can find success within the industry without a degree in the arts. 

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